How To Create The Perfect Skin Regimen

How To Create The Perfect Skin Regimen

Most people have tons of questions when it comes to skin care. They wonder how many cosmetic products they should have and which ones are perfect for their skin. However, having the best products to care for your skin is not enough; you need to develop a routine. In addition, for the products to be effective, you need to know the correct order of applying your cosmetics. No matter the steps in your regimen, you need to know the proper order of applying your products. Professionals recommend applying them in order of their texture.

Start with the thinnest and move towards the thickest products because thinner cosmetics cannot penetrate thicker layers. Many factors determine a person’s skin regimen, like getting. These include your type of skin, active ingredients of your skin-care products like private label hyaluronic acid, and application time. But generally, you will want to cleanse, tone, and apply concentrated formulations before locking in moisture into your skin.

Steps for a good skin regimen

The guide highlights the basic steps to creating your skin regimen. The routine will help revitalize your skin for a youthful look.

Clean your face

The first step in your skin routine involves cleansing your face to eliminate excess oils and impurities that clog pores. Gently massage your face, wash onto your face and rinse it off with water. You need to wash your face in the morning and at night.

Use a toner

Although you do not need toner, it is an excellent way to refresh your skin, balance your pH, and eliminate residual debris. Put a few drops of the toner on a piece of cotton and rub it on your face. If your skin is prone to acne, you need to apply a toner containing salicylic acid to limit breakouts. On the other hand, individuals with dry skin should purchase hydrating toners with ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Apply serum

Use serums with antioxidants such as vitamin C in the morning to help repair damaged skin. Further, you can also use serums to remove dark spots. Apply moisturizing serums at night will prevent skin from drying.

Use eye cream

Lightly tapping eye cream under your eyes will prevent eye puffiness in the morning.

Apply spot treatment

You need to apply acne treatment at night. At this time, your body is relaxed and in repair mode, so the treatments will work better.


Moisturizers help strengthen the lipid barrier and hydrate your skin. Additionally, they lock in the other products you have applied. For daytime use, get a lightweight moisturizer that soaks in quickly. But you can use a thicker lotion at night. Ensure the active ingredients in your moisturizer are hyaluronic acid and ceramides that ensure moisture retention.

Apply retinoid

Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that increase skin-cell turnover and help minimize breakouts and dark spots. However, you should only use them at night since they can cause skin irritation. What’s more, you can also apply face oil.


It is the most critical step in a skin-care routine. Ultraviolet rays cause premature skin aging. Plus, it can also lead to skin cancer. Sunscreen protects skin from damaging sun rays. Ensure you apply sunscreen on your face, neck, and back.


A perfect skin regimen will give you smooth and glowing skin. You need to switch up your routine in the nighttime. You will start with cleansing, treating, and moisturizing, then incorporate other essential night products.